Mental Health & Wellbeing

1 in 4 people suffer mental health problems with 1 in 5 UK workers feel ‘unable’ to manage pressure and stress levels at work.  Along with the health implications of physical inactivity; poor stress management; and poor lifestyle choices, the need for better awareness within society and the workplace has never been more profound.

We fundamentally believe that all of us have a right to feel well and are very supportive of the actions being taken to move the dial to enable this.

As a business we strongly advocate:

  • Physical activity, exercise and active travel (walking, cycling, scootering).
  • Taking annual leave and finishing on time.
  • Eating healthily and getting enough sleep.
  • Making time to check in on people/colleagues and asking for help.
  • Creating a workplace culture where people can speak up.
  • The importance of connecting with team members in person.
  • Learning constantly, spreading kindness and being mindful.
  • Scheduling time for fun!

We are supportive of the work that charities such as Mind and Mental Health UK are doing to fight for mental health as well as informative services such as:



We are also very encouraged by forward-looking companies who realise that healthy, happy and productive people are the lifeblood of successful businesses.    

This is demonstrated by the appointment of Chief Wellbeing Officers and the increased focus on wellbeing.  Aon’s 2022-2023 Global Wellbeing Survey (conducted by Ipsos in 46 countries, 27 languages with 1,138 employers) showed that 83% of employers now have a wellbeing strategy which was up more than 25% since 2020.

There is also a growing realisation from business leaders of the financial cost of burn out (ie costs to rehire, down time, team impact, wage inflation) and its impact on their P&L.  

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